What is Webflow?

May 2, 2021
Kenneth Donnelly
Web Design
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Webflow is a website builder that stands out amongst website builders. Website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace are built with the beginner in mind and while some offer more advanced features, the builders are targeted to non web developers. The website builders works with drag and drop features to make it simple to create websites. Does that mean Webflow isn't for beginners? Beginners can use Webflow, it just has a much larger learning curve than the others. Webflow is built with the Web Designer in mind and is meant to be a "no code" builder, however it does allow you to add code should you have experience, unlike most of the other website builders above.

What does "No Code" mean?

"No Code" refers to the fact that you can drag and drop html tags and add css styling to your website without touching the code by using the component tools for the html elements and using the toolbox properties to add padding, margins, changing fonts, colors, and adding text shadows or box shadows all without touching any html or css code.

What if I want to use code such as javascript or need a custom html component?

Webflow allows you to add code such as html, css, and javascript. Webflow also opens up it's api to connect your Webflow site to outside integrations. You can add javascript by either dragging and dropping a custom html embed component and entering it there or by adding code in the site settings where you can specify adding code before and after body and head tags.

What about Ecommerce or Blogs?

If you purchase a higher plan you can add CMS and ecommerce features. If you don't need ecommerce and just want to add blogs or other database collection needs the CMS plan is cheaper than the ecommerce plan which features both CMS and Ecommerce. The CMS features allow "collections" of objects like a collection of photos for a photo gallery or articles for a blog. You can customize the objects and relate them to each other such as a collection of categories and articles with a category that is from the category collection. If you need some more advanced features you can utilize Javascript to change the collections for filtering, adding, or making things more dynamic based on user actions.

What about changing content without breaking the styling?

Wordpress can be complex for a user who was given a website after the designer built the website and can result in broken stylings just by pasting an article written in word and Webflow offers a solution for this very scenario. It's called "Editor" and can allow a user editor access rather than designer access and the "editor" user can only replace text and images. A webflow designer can style the site including a "rich text" component and nested styles which allow the "editor" to paste in a word article which would normally break wordpress style or require manual editing afterwards, but instead the Webflow editor mode keeps the h tags headings and paragraphs and uses the styling set by the designer mode without manual editing. This is a big advantage of Webflow as it allows non technical users the ability to edit their website after a Webflow Web Designer has handed off the project. This can save a company from hiring a staff member with wordpress experience or paying the wordpress web designer to make any changes including just pasting new articles.

Who builds Webflow Websites?

Webflow is a tool and requires either building the website yourself or hiring a web designer. Bear Knight Marketing is a Webflow and Wordpress Web Designer and can design your website for you. Contact us or visit or pricing to learn more about how much we charge and contact us to get started.  

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Kenneth Donnelly

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