Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnels

We develop marketing funnels designed to attract customers along all parts of their sales journey. A typical buying experience might go from Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, and finally Purchase. If you think about a customer starting out a new hobby in a area where you have products, they don’t know about you or which products they need. They start out by learning about the hobby (Awareness). Once they learn more about the hobby they move on to learning about products or equipment and what they do and how they are different (Interest-Consideration). Once they are Intent on buying something, they could move on to comparing the products between brands and quality (Intent-Evaluation). They would then purchase the chosen product to begin to enjoy the new hobby.

We create content for the who journey to ensure they stay on your website for a few reasons:

  • Building a relationship with your brand. You gain the customer’s trust and loyalty for informing them.
  • They are on your website to compare and when they purchase the product.
  • This content helps your website in search results and referral traffic.

We also build funnels that channel your traffic into conversion pages to optimize marketing efforts. We utilize landing pages for PPC ads and services pages with Call To Actions throughout. Contact us for details on how we can turn your website into a lead generation machine.

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