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Search engines are changing towards searcher intent rather than pages filled with the keyword or phrase of the search query. Your website must provide answers to these questions to compete with other websites.

We can provide researched content for your website to answer search intent and nurture leads from the beginning of the marketing funnel to the end. When a potential customer is just beginning their search for answers we will have content on your site and inform them with other articles until they are ready to buy and have established a relationship with your company so they buy from you.

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What are the benefits of Website Articles?

Lead your potential customers from starting their search for answers to the stage where they are ready to buy. This established relationship leads to them buying from you.
Website articles make a great way to build up your social media followers. Share your content on your profiles to be a leading source of information in your industry.
Website articles lead to free organic search engine traffic. This can reduce your marketing budget.
Website content can lead to referral traffic. When potential customers find good information, they tend to share it with others.

Our Content Creation Services

Initial Plan

We start with an audit of the content on your website and using a keyword list, we look for topics your website is missing to form a content plan. We try to focus on content for the services you chosen to be most important or profitable first. We look at the pages currently top ranking for the chosen topic and utilize tools to improve the written article to be a better choice and rank better than the top results.

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Website Articles

Websites that have blogs or articles typically rank better as their is more content for your visitors and provides a better experience and answers search intent. We write unique content that has been researched to ensure your website is a source of information and the content is targeted for potential customers who are actively searching for that content.

Social Media Content

We create content for your social media profiles to help increase your follower count and help build a relationship with potential customers. We create a brand kit to keep your postings looking consistent and recognizable when your postings are shared. The articles we write for your website have a social media share image included.

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Infographics and Video

We create other content including infographics and videos. Infographics are a great tool for referral traffic as they make a great resource for sharing to potential customers. Promo videos are quick videos that are great for a simple social media posting of a sale or small message. Video postings are usually preferred over images and text postings in the feed. We can create an informational video for your articles or social media postings.

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Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can create content for your website and social media profiles to convert more visitors for your business.

If you feel like your website isn’t converting as well as it should, contact us to look into your analytics and setup reports to help find problem areas.

We can also modify your site to add more features or call to actions to increase conversions of your current web visitors.