PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management

Paid Advertising is the quickest way to gain targeted traffic. If you have a high conversion optimized landing page that the advertisement goes to, you can gain sales or leads very fast, however at a higher cost than other sources. We bring down cost by optimizing your paid advertising campaigns to target lower costing keywords and optimizing your landing pages to bring your quality scores up and bring your cost per click down.

We can create traditional search ads as well as display advertising, retargeting ads, ads on social media platforms, and native ads.

We manage the advertising accounts to check for areas to improve results instead of just setting up the campaign a leaving it.

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What are the benefits of PPC?

Quickest method of traffic. Gain traffic hours after setting up an advertisement.
Place ads on websites that your targeted audiences visit to gain new customers over bigger well known brands.
Control your biding to higher value locations to gain higher quality leads.
Target highly relevant audiences to gain leads for your chosen service.

Our PPC Management Services

Campaign Setup

We research keywords and your website to create a few campaigns based on locations, targeted keywords, landing pages, and seasonal trends. These campaigns can be scaled, paused or modified to match changes in your company and growth.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance is required to keep the costs down and stay on top of campaigns performances. Seasonal changes and competition can change and require you to adjust your campaigns accordingly. You don’t want to waste resources on a campaign that is no longer performing well.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can a great way to optimize your ads performance and convert higher than traditional website pages. When a customer clicks your ad they will be taken to a page that answers their questions and usually has some visible contact buttons or forms to capture the leads quickly.

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Analytics and Reports

We provide analytics and performance reports to stay on top of ad performance and trends changes. We also use these to showcase the ROI and helps predict growth so you can scale down or up the ads as your company grows.

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Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can create effective paid advertising campaigns to convert more visitors for your business.

If you feel like your website isn’t converting as well as it should, contact us to look into your analytics and setup reports to help find problem areas.

We can also modify your site to add more features or call to actions to increase conversions of your current web visitors.