What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the method which your website’s html code is structured to be a clear as possible to the search engine when they scan your website to categorize and index the website. When a customer types a phrase into a search engine, the results are web pages that the search engine has chosen as the best that fit that phrase or search intent.

We make changes to your website to optimize it for the search engine to properly categorize your website’s business location, industry, and content. We also regularly update your site’s content to best fulfill a customer’s search intent to stay consistently high in the search results.

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What are the benefits of SEO?

The traffic from search results doesn’t cost anything and can be the biggest source of leads or sales.
SEO can lead to more features shown for your website in search engine results leading to bigger presence.
When your website is showing up for more relevant search queries, it leads to better quality leads.
SEO can show you what your customers are searching for. You can gain insight into your customers and fill in gaps in your services.

Our SEO Services

Initial Optimization

We first do an in-depth audit of your website and competition. We implement technical SEO features that you may be missing and clean up the background html code to make sure your website’s content is clear to the search engines. We look into your content and services to find missing services that you offer that aren’t on your website. We optimize your website’s speed and find broken links or typos to enhance customer’s experience.

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Monthly Changes

The search engines are constantly improving and changing their algorithms. To stay on top of the search results rankings, your website needs to stay on top of the changes and your competition’s changes. We regularly monitor your webpage’s rankings and make improvements and changes monthly to climb the search engine rankings and stay on top.

Site Content and Graphics

Search engines have changed how they rank websites. What used to be was having keywords on pages was enough to show for keyword search phrases. The new way is to answer your customers search intentions. Your webpage that list your services might answer the question of what services you offer, it doesn’t answer some specific questions they have. An article can, which is why we write content for your site to answer your customers questions so they are comfortable your company is the right one for them and when they have made the decision to contact a company, they are already on your website and choose you.

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Backlinks and Referrals

We utilize Off Page SEO techniques. We reach out to other website administrators and social media influencers to share your content and services to their viewers and communities. This not only potentially leads to sales or leads from referrals but also helps with your domain authority and brand awareness. You may even find customers and audiences in those you didn’t think were potential customers.

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Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can create an effective SEO strategy for your business.

Every business is different as well as their competition and your SEO strategy should be a customized accordingly to your and their strengths and weaknesses.

We can develop an aggressive strategy paired with PPC and social media strategies for quick boost of sales or leads or a slower plan with more steady growth to not overwhelm your workforce.

If you currently have a strategy in place or have other marketing strategies in place, we can help boost your current efforts with detailed analytics to find your strengths and weakness of your current strategy.