Web design

Web Design

A website is a valuable tool for businesses and should be taken full advantage of. A website can showcase not only your services, but it can be utilized to gain more customers, resolve problems and keep your customers happy,  and it can be a important research tool into your potential customers with analytics.

How you want your brand to be seen and what you value most is shown to your customers. What you say on your homepage can show how you stand out from your competition and why a customer should use your company to solve their problems.

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What are the benefits of a Website?

Connect with your customers. You can showcase why you can answer your customers problems. You can provide a contact form or live chat to reach them if they have further questions.
Showcase all your services and how you want your customers to see what you do and how you are a better fit for their needs than your competition.
Having a website instead of using social media pages, allows you to utilize SEO methods to show up more in search results and control what you show up for.
Analytics from your web visitors can help find information how your customers find you, where they are, and who they are. You might find customers in areas where you aren’t marketing.

Our Web Design Services

Initial Design

We work with you to define your company and your customers to create a website design that showcases your brand and attract your desired customer audience. The design and mockup are done before any website coding to ensure no wasted resources in redesigns and cut down on costs.

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Website Development

Depending on your needs, we will build the website in your chosen CMS platform (WordPress/Drupal), create it without a stack (html/css/javscript/php), use a development stack (Jamstack/LAMP), or a builder (Webflow/Wix/Weebly). We can even customize current websites with new features or plugins.

SEO and Conversion Optimization

Once the website is built, we go through the website and optimize it for search engines (SEO) and conversions with call to actions (CTA). We will optimize it for speed as well. Your options depend only on your budget. We can utilize content delivery networks to deliver the images and javascript for extra monthly costs, or spend some extra time optimizing your site for speed without them to cut down on monthly website costs.

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Analytics and Goals Setup

The final stages of development are to install and setup analytics, the conversion goals, and the reports. These can help you find where your website is strong and where it needs improvement and an shine light on your website visitors to find untapped markets or audiences. You may find the audience that converts best, isn’t a target you had thought of and can change your marketing efforts accordingly.

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Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can create an effective web design to convert more visitors for your business.

If you feel like your website isn’t converting as well as it should, contact us to look into your analytics and setup reports to help find problem areas.

We can also modify your site to add more features or call to actions to increase conversions of your current web visitors.